Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class Metal Sign

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Remember that game "Telephone" you played as a kid, where a message gets mangled after passing down the line from person to person? Well, try playing it with a bunch of drunks. We did, and we came up with this martini-mangled message. It shows all the vim and vigor of the original proclamation - but with a bit of vodka-vermouth flip-flop thrown in for better clarity. This quality metal sign is literally impregnated with ink at 400 degrees so it will never fade. (like your vision tends to do after 5 martinis). This bar sign has four predrilled holes for easy hanging. Measures 11" by 17".


  • Funny bar art on high-quality metal
  • Four pre-drilled holes for easy hanging
  • Working is the curse sign measures: 17"H x 11"W