Vintage Style Drink Don’t Drive Beer Sign

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The Big Three might get mad about this sign and sue us, so you better get yours while you still can. This exclusive design was created by our team of car-less drunk artists. They couldn’t drive even if they wanted to because we keep them locked in the studio (dungeon). But seriously folks, in this economy, spending money on a sign like this to signify your disgust with the state of the American economy just makes good financial cents. And we’re seriously serious about the not driving part; don’t drink and drive. We’ll take your keys; we don’t mess around. Get this one-of-a-kind bar sign for your home bar or your local watering hole and everyone can have a good laugh at the cheeky humor and the classy artistry on display!


  • Unique exclusive funny beer sign
  • Original artwork sublimated on metal
  • 4 convenient holes for easy hanging
  • Measures: 11”H x 17”W