Vintage Hippies Use Side Door Sign

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Well you don't want them just stumbling in the front door, all stinkin' up the joint, while smokin' a joint! DO YOU?!?! NO! Send them around the back where they can head straight to the showers without your neighbors seeing. While you're at it, just send them to the next town over. They are NOT WANTED around these parts. Don't worry. It's not discrimination…they are filthy. You are just protecting your loved ones from a whole slew of infectious diseases, STDs, and POISONOUS IDEAS! This fun vintage sign features a handpicked recreation of retro poster art from the golden age of artistic advertising. Recreated by our team of graphic artists, this old school design is ready to be hung in your home or bar. Take home a piece of history, or purchase a unique one of a kind gift for a friend or loved one. No matter what you do, you'll not a find a sign quite like this anywhere else.


  • Available with both left and right pointing arrows
  • Classic vintage artwork sublimated on durable metal
  • Four predrilled holes for easy hanging
  • Measures: 17" x 11"