Used Beer Department Metal Sign

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Mystery solved. Everyone will know which way to the Used Beer Department now. This metal beer sign has big cartoon letters making the way clear to dispense of used beer and also notes a key rule of Two Shake Maximum. Bonus round: you don't have to point out the restroom anymore (that's a lie, even your best friends can't remember where the head is after too many pints). A great gift for your beer drinking comedian friend, or for your personal wall of signs, since chances are you haven't seen this one before. But, yes, hanging this vintage replica sign on the restroom door would be ideal. We didn't think we needed to say it, but there it is. Our clients range from bars and restaurants to beer connoisseurs (enthusiasts) and our distressed metal signs are funny, punny, and make hilarious event and party signs. Hey - we're not kidding about that two shake max, either. Measures 17"W x 11"H


  • Vintage Used Beer metal sign
  • Rusty edges, corners and back for antique look
  • Four pre-drilled corners for an easy to hang bar sign
  • Measures 17"W x 11"H