The Brewtender Dispenser

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Set 'em up, Joe. The Brewtender serves beer, juice, sangria, spiked punch, even those wicked-strong margaritas you mastered last summer - all with a flick of the wrist. A nifty removable ice chamber in the center keeps things cool, while a battery-operated base light illuminates the suds from below. The Brewtender even has a Lazy-Susan-style, rotating base that allows you to be lazy and let your guests pull their own. High-strength, scratch-resistant ABS plastic dispenser and beverage tap. Disassembles for easy cleaning and storage. Holds 80 ounces of your favorite cocktail. The Brewtender Measures 7" diameter and 20.5" tall.


  • 80 ounces
  • Lighted Base
  • Removable Ice Chamber