Still Crazy Wooden Sign

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Don't surprise everyone by crashing through a brick wall, head first, naked, cross-eyed drunk, and screaming the Declaration of Incontinence at the top of your lungs. Please, for your sake and theirs, hang this comedic wooden joke sign. That way, everyone will know that you can get a little out of hand and they can come prepared with rain slickers, hard hats, and tranquilizer darts...for you. And, after all that, if you are in fact "Still Crazy," you can hang another one of these signs, with a nail, from your forehead. This funny novelty sign is handcrafted from solid pine right here in the U.S.A. The quality construction and finely detailed lettering will ensure that your sign lasts through the ages. This way, generations of children will know who they got their corny sense of humor from: you! Be proud, embrace your inner goofball and place this clever piece of home décor where it can be seen by all.


  • Novelty sign constructed from solid pine in the U.S.A.
  • Wooden sign measures: 18"W X 7"H
  • Funny gag sign available in: black color only.