Plastic Cell Phone Flask With Case

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Over the years it has become less socially acceptable to just whip out a flask in public. We're not sure why, but it seems the golden age of public imbibing will be forever left in the 1950's. All those who appreciate a nip of Captain Edward's Discount Blended Scotch Whisky Product at nine o'clock in the morning, now have to hide in the broom closet or a large hedge like some common criminal. Well no more! The Cell Phone Flask is here to ease you through that tough workweek, boring wedding ceremony, or first period class. Clip it on to your belt with the included nylon holster and unscrew the antenna cap for a quick nip in a jiff! When people ask you what you're doing, you can say "Just recharging the batteries!" That way, you won't really be lying…except to yourself. But with this concealed novelty liquor flask on hand, you'll be able to drink your misguided conscience into submission once and for all!


  • Plastic flask shaped like a cellular phone
  • Holds 3.2 oz. of liquid
  • Includes nylon holster with belt clip
  • Measures 6” tall