N-Ice Rack Beer Pong Freezer Set

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This is perhaps the most ingenious product that has come across our collective desks this year. The N-Ice Rack Beer Pong Freezer Set is a hollow, triangular rack with ten shallow cup holders perfectly sized for red party cups. The rack is made from injection molded, high quality plastic and is designed to be filled with water and frozen. The result: an ice-cold beer pong rack that keeps your cups firmly in place and their contents chilled. The set includes two freezable racks and a detailed instruction sheet. We've found that having two or three sets on hand is preferable as it allows you to change out the sets in a regular freezing rotation. This way, your beer is always at the perfect temperature whether you're playing in a living room, kitchen, backyard, garage, or frat house, in the middle of summer, the dead of winter, or anything in between. Pick up your set today, and start playing the game the way it should be.

Product Video

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  • High quality, extra thick, freezable, injection molded plastic
  • Ten perfectly sized indentations for secure cup placement
  • Set includes two re-freezable racks, three official N-Ice Rack balls, and a rule sheet
  • Re-racks are easy, fast, and perfect every time
  • Measures: 16" Triangle