Man Cave Round Clock

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It's time to simplify your life. Cave men didn't have day planners, let alone Blackberries, and swimsuit model calendars weren't invented until the 2nd age of the Roman Empire. Are our lives any better than theirs because of this? Is time a tool of productivity or a method of imprisonment? We suggest you stop running your life according to the twenty-four hour tyrant and ease into something we like to call "man time." It's always Man Time in the Man Cave and the Man Cave Clock merely helps you decide which man function to perform. According to the Man Cave Clock, those functions are horseback riding, hunting, clubbing, and procreating. These can easily be read in modern times as commuting, working, golfing, and...well...procreating. There's really no room for error and no time for anything else. Do yourself a favor, hang the Man Cave Clock in your own personal Man Cave, be it a den, office, garage, shop, bar, or bathroom, and start living on Man Time today!


  • 10" diameter metal clock face with metal hands.
  • Scratch-resistant plastic cover and frame.
  • Requires one AA battery: not included.