Jumbo Islands Of Japan Plaque

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Featuring various statistics and miniscule drawings (none of which we were able to interpret, but they’re still really cool!) and a hand painted watercolor map of the islands of Japan, this wonderful historical artifact is as much an educationonal curiosity as it is a beautiful relic to be displayed. Perfectly suited to the home or office environment, this enriching piece of history is truly a sight to behold! Not only a cartographic artifact, this large format historical map is also a work of art. Perfectly suited to hang in your lobby, office, home, etc. right out of the box, our Jumbo Map Art Prints are manufactured in the United States through a proprietary sublimation process that yields brilliant colors on a glossy scratch resistant surface that is literally impregnated with ink.


  • Historical Map printed on jumbo 20” x 30” wooden plaque
  • Black beveled edge
  • Keyhole insets drilled in back for easy hanging