Jumbo First Voyage Of Columbus Map Plaque

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Featuring many painstaking details, designed to reflect the cartography style of European map makers from the 18th and 19th centuries, our Jumbo First Voyage Of Columbus accurately depicts the route travelled by the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria from 1492 to 1493. There are some other added details that contribute to the overall look of this work of art, but may not be as accurate. Don’t tell anyone! Perfectly suited to the home or office environment, this enriching piece of history is truly a sight to behold! Not only a cartographic artifact, this large format historical map is also a work of art. Perfectly suited to hang in your lobby, office, home, etc. right out of the box, our Jumbo Map Art Prints are manufactured in the United States through a proprietary sublimation process that yields brilliant colors on a glossy scratch resistant surface that is literally impregnated with ink.


  • Historical Map printed on jumbo 20” x 30” wooden plaque
  • Black beveled edge
  • Keyhole insets drilled in back for easy hanging