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Even if you don't have game, you've got game. Brew-Opoly is more than just a board game for people who like to drink beer. Similar to its real estate counter part...only entirely beer themed, more fun, and no creepy bald guy. Play with game tokens like a bottle opener, shot glass and pretzel, land on Cheers (collect $200!), Free Pretzels (win the pot!), Last Call (boo!), Happy Hour (thumb your nose at the sap in Last Call) and draw action cards from The Draft - this is a party game at its finest. Make your way around the colorful board and purchase brew pubs and microbreweries. You'll still need to keep your eye on the banker, especially if you're living up to our hopes and chugging beer each time you pass Happy Hour. Brew-Opoly is fun for the whole family over 21 yrs of age. 2-6 players.