Bitchy is the New Black Flask

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From a distance, this small, stainless steel 5 oz. flask may seem cute and innocent (well, as innocent as a device for the delivery of booze can be). But look closer and you will find the sassy heart of a saucy sauce dispenser. Indeed, this is no ordinary flask. Emblazoned with a small cameo depicting colorful retro attitude, you may well be incredulously shocked out of a partaking mood. But that's nothing a quick nip off this little baby won't fix. This expertly crafted liquor flask makes a fine vessel for the intoxicating and aromatic libations of any origin: vodka, whiskey, whisky, rum, gin, etc. This low profile beverage dispenser makes an excellent gift for the bitchy significant other in your life, be they male or female. Or get one for yourself just to let everyone know what's up.


  • Holds 5 oz. of your favorite beverage
  • Stainless Steel
  • Threaded cap
  • Unique round shape and retro design
  • 3.75" in diameter