B.A.C. Limit .21 Metal Sign

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The B.A.C. .21 Sign is that rare sign that doesn't really make sign, but you still want to buy it anyway...because it's just so damn unique. I mean, nobody else will have one of these. Seriously, no one. You could be the only person in the world to buy this sign. You'd own a piece of history. You'd be a piece of history. Each one of our clever and irreverent signs is printed with our unique, long lasting sublimation process that literally impregnates the metal with colorful ink. The glossy surface projects the image in a loud, defiant manner that your patrons and partners will appreciate and admire. Hang our signs with pride! They're made in America, printed on metal and the ink is produced with pigments from real rocks! These statements have not been evaluated or approved by anyone.


  • Measures: 17" x 11"
  • Four pre-drilled holes for easy hanging
  • Sublimated artwork will not fade or run
  • Printed on 20 gauge metal
  • Made in the USA