American Skyline Metal Parking Sign

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America, America! I park my car on thee! And floor it with all eight cylinders while using my winch to uproot that tree! That kind of worked. Seriously though, this novelty parking sign is a great way to keep the riff raff out of your spot. It's so beautiful. Tears are being shed as we type. Our team of trained graphics monkeys spent the better part of an hour creating this thing from scratch. The beautiful full color poster art is lovingly reproduced on 20 gauge metal through a unique sublimation process. Once the territory of the Nouveau Riche and the super elite, the novelty parking sign has now been brought down to your level. Treat as just another funny sign, or hang it with a sense of nationalistic pride, either way, our gag parking sign gifts will add character and…uh…class…yeah that's it…to any setting.


  • Full color original artwork sublimated on 20 gauge metal
  • Measures: 17"W x 11"H
  • Four predrilled holes for easy hanging