About Us

Welcome to After 5 where we celebrate the art of celebrating!

In 1995, we formed a business called Surf to Summit offering kayak accessories and outdoor gear. During the holidays one year, we designed wine totes as gifts for our friends and clients. The response was so great that we added them to our product line. But a thought still lingered: Why not start a catalog of related accessory items that celebrate the art of celebrating? And that's how this catalog came to be - a fun, unique collection of party accessories and furnishings to share with your closest friends and family. Initially, we thought maybe we'd call it “After 7,” given today's extended work hours and almost nonexistent vacations. Still, there was something familiar and nostalgic about the words "After 5," like happy hours past or great parties from your youth. It's certainly a concept worth reviving. And now more than ever, the complexity and stress of our daily lives require an equal balance of simplicity and relaxation. Shall we call it After 7? No, make it After 5, and let us have more time to celebrate. We select and create our goods with quality, uniqueness and a touch of zaniness in mind. It’s this mindset that keeps us celebrating no matter what season it is.

We hope you like shopping our collection as much we liked building it.


If you have a product which you would like to see in our catalog please send a sample to:

ATTN: Marketing
7234 Hollister Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Please include information about the product and contact information. Samples are not returnable