Ski Ways Glades Rustic Pine Ski Sign

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Heavenly Valley offers some of the best skiing this side of that one other mountain. Never forget about the time you were trying out that new GoPro helmet camera and fiddling with the settings while topping out at about 30MPH and ran into that majestic pine tree! Hang this as a commemorative plaque, or maybe you actually live right by this run and you want tourists to stop knocking on your cave door and asking you where it is. Problem solved. Our handcrafted Rustic Pine Ski Signs are made to order in our facility in Santa Barbara, CA. Each sign features an original design, printed on a specially coated piece of pine, and hand finished to look “worn in” and rustic. A metal hanger wire finishes the look of each custom built sign, so it will be ready to hang right out of the box in your private chalet, creek side cabin, or anywhere you like.


  • Measures: 23”W x 5”H x .75”D
  • Built-in wire hanger
  • Custom made to order
  • Hand finished edges, smooth to the touch, rustic look