Vintage Metal Sail The Atlantic Sign

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Slowly coaxed from its historical hiding place, the vintage artwork on this unique metal sign has been buffed and polished back to its original luster. We’ve added a few personal touches that weren’t in the original, George Lucas style! The guy in the middle holding the rope with the red sweater on for instance, we changed the material from wool to a poly blend that will better resist the salty air over extended trips. The sky, originally filled with seabirds, has been cleansed, making way for your dreams to flourish unhindered! And, finally, in the original image, the sailboat was actually a creepy windowless van. We felt the sailboat more accurately represented the spirit of sailing with a sailboat. The van was nice, but the boat is better. Indubitably.


  • Measures: 11”W x 17”H
  • Coated metal sign
  • 4 predrilled holes for easy hanging
  • Sublimated artwork for lasting durability