Vintage Metal Hawaii Sign

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We couldn’t decide between retro and vintage. They both have their perks, so we just mashed ‘em together. This sign has it all. 80’s style, 60’s art, 50’s values, and the swimsuits of the future. If you plan on buying this sign…wait…what am I saying? WHEN you buy this sign, be sure to hang it in the most prominent place in your house. You want people to associate you with quality and dependability right? This is the way to do it. This sign is made in America! Land of the Free! Only $29.99! This vintage sign will last for generations to come, and your descendents will look upon and think what a wondrous age you must have lived in. Filled with signs and metal and metal signs.


  • 4 predrilled holes for easy hanging
  • Coated metal sign
  • Measures: 11”W x 17”H
  • Sublimated artwork for lasting durability