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Wine needs to breathe, and wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine aerates it opens up and releases its intended aromas and flavors. When you are finished pouring the wine, the Vinaerator sits on the bottle and becomes a perfect wine stopper. With a patented aerating turbine design, the Vinaerator functions much like a water wheel, infusing the wine with a blast of air as you pour. An elegant display stand is included for when the Vinaerator is not in use (as in ‘never’) and the whole thing is good looking enough to sit on the shelf right next to your Faberge Egg. The set includes a stopper, an agitator, the air-wine mixer, an air inlet, a water tight seal, and a display stand. The perfect gift idea for the up and coming sommelier in your life, or that booze hound down the street.


  • Acts a stopper when not in use
  • Includes elegant stand
  • Aerates wine as you pour