Bride & Groom Champagne Flute Set

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Bring on the bubbly and toast to the fact that you are as one. This classic pair of champagne flutes signify your special day, and future life together. Forever. And ever. These stemmed beauties dress the part, one in a tuxedo of etched glass, the other donning a bridal bust replete with rhinestone neckline - a little sparkle for the sparkling wine it will hold. A fabulous bridal shower gift, wedding or anniversary present, or surprise your new spouse and unveil these glass keepsakes right before the traditional wedding toast. With a clink of these lovely bride and groom glasses(after a really bad speech from the best man), you can revel in the glory that is your wedding day. More importantly, the chime of this significant stemware will remind you that you are that much closer to the only thing that will outshine your wedding day. No, not the dollar dance....why, the honeymoon, of course! Ground Shipping Only for this item. Each glass holds 8oz. and is 9.5" tall.


  • Glass champagne flute stemware
  • Bride and groom theme for wedding gift
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