Bag Tag: Looks Like Your Bag

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Yes, in this world of mass-produced goods it gets harder and harder to tell which crap belongs to whom. Is that my SUV or yours? Which of these five hundred black suitcases is mine? Is that depressed looking teenager I picked up from soccer practice my daughter or my neighbor's? Does it matter? Well now you can stand out from the crowd and yell, "I'm somebody." Because you bought another mass-produced product: this awesome novelty luggage strap. It will change your life. Additionally, this durable strap, made from seatbelt-grade webbing and a heavy-duty adjustable side-squeeze buckle, will assist in keeping your bag closed and secure while in transit. Sewn to the interior of the strap, and not visible to the prying eyes of surrounding travelers, is a clear vinyl business card/ID pocket for your convenience. This custom luggage tag will add a personalized touch to your travel accessories and serve a valuable purpose as well. Form and function: together again!


  • Text sublimated on heavy-duty 2" seatbelt webbing
  • Adjustable length with 2" double locking tri-glide
  • 2" heavy-duty adjustable side-squeeze buckle
  • Concealed clear vinyl ID card pocket