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What better way to get your mojo working than with a Mojito in hand? The passionate Cuban cousin to the American Mint Julep, the Mojito is rumored to have landed on U.S. shores in the 1980s and has quickly become the "it" drink at cocktail bars from coast to coast. All trend and fashion aside, though, the Mojito can stand on it's robust flavor alone. Rum, sugar, mint and lime give it a deliciously complex flavor that requires a little skill, and the right tools, to get it just right. Our Stainless Steel Mint Muddler is an absolute must in preparing not only the mint but the lime, too. Soft rubber at each end of the Mint Muddler helps you gently bruise the fibers of the mint and lime to release their flavors. Store your creation in our Mojito Pitcher, a traditional pitcher that holds 48 ounces of your best Mojitos. Then serve in style with our 12-ounce Mojito Glasses. New to Mojitos? The Mas Mejor Mojito Set is a great way to get started and includes four 16-ounce mojito glasses, a wooden mint muddler and a pro-grade citrus knife. And if you just want to simplify, try the Mojito Syrup & Shaker Set. The Set features a stash of Monin Mojito Mint Syrup, a Mojito shaker with shot glass top, and a pleasantly potent Mojito recipe. Now get your mojo working!

Personalized Cantina Mojito Glasses
Personalized Cantina Mojito Glasses
Item #268-08129
Stainless Steel Mint Muddler
Stainless Steel Mint Muddler
Item #078-05057
$14.99   $10.00

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The Mojito: It's All in the Muddler

Article By: Colleen Brondou

John F. Kennedy is famous for a lot of things, though perhaps only one of them involving cigars. Just before he extended the trade embargo against Cuba in 1962, he first arranged to purchase thousands of Cuban cigars for his own personal stash. Politics aside, the man had good taste.

... more »

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