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After 5 Martini Recipe Library

Article By: Mike Hamer
This is a compilation of a few interesting and not so interesting martini recipes that we have gathered. Recognizing the recent explosion in popularity in the makings of the iconic martini we felt this might be of some interest to all the martini people out there in liquor land. Heck if you have a good martini recipe, email it to and we will include your thoughts of the perfect martini in our martini library. And as you can see we have also interspersed, here and there, our own skewed and twisted ideas of some fictitious trendy martini recipes. Enjoy..... more »


A Quasi-Authoritative Guide to Bar Accessories, Bar Tools and Cocktail Glassware
Article By: Mike Hamer
For the drinkers of the world that might enjoy a fun slant on barware, or at least our interpretation of barware, as well as information that one might deem useful around the home bar.... more »


Beer Glasses
Article By: Mike Hamer
Some of our observations on beer glasses and their vital importance around the bar and yes there is a wrong way to pour a beer. Do different beer glasses have specific beer serving purposes?... more »


Shot Glasses
Article By: Mike Hamer
The original purpose of a shot glass was to hold a feather writing quill upright by having the shot glass filled with small lead BB's. This held the pen up straight and kept the ink from draining. Well that was 100 years ago. Today, I think we have found a better use for the shot glass.... more »

Barware, Stemware

Article By: Mike Hamer
The purpose of the stem in stemware is to separate the warm hand from the bowl ( part the holds the wine) thus keeping the wine at the optimal drinking temperature - providing that you didn't just get the wine from a cold fridge in which case you might want to cradle the wine bowl a bit to warm it up. But this theory of "perfect temperature"ť was recently blown out of cellar with the introduction of those new stemless wine glasses - go figure?... more »

Drinking Quotes

One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough. - James Thurber... more »

The Great Mojito Crawl

Article By: Colleen Brondou
So now that we've established what a good Mojito is, let's re-examine those other elements of Cuban culture that make us think all sexy-like: cigars and salsa music. Where best to get our Mojito/Cigar/Salsa freak on? How about back to the fatherland: Havana, Cuba.... more »

The Martini: A Somewhat Factual History

Round 1: A Hazy Beginning
Article By: Mike Hamer
Unlike the straightforward, clear-cut question of a gin and tonic or, say, a rum and coke, the martini pretty much exists as an idea, an interpretation, a mere matter of taste. Should it be made with gin or vodka? Should it be shaken or stirred? Fruity? Dry? Garnished with olives or a twist? To each... more »

The Martini: A Somewhat Factual History

Round 2: The Effects of Vodka, Vegas and Marilyn’s Cleavage
Article By: Mike Hamer
Following Prohibition, the gin and vermouth martini still hung around, maintaining a relatively low profile, though it had its share of high-profile enthusiasts. W.C. Fields, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, H.L. Mencken, FDR, among others, all included the martini on their short list of... more »

The Martini: A Somewhat Factual History

Round 3: Martini v. Agent Orange, Leisure Suits and Socio-Political Malaise
Article By: Mike Hamer
During the Civil Rights-Vietnam War upheaval the martini went into a quiet dormancy. Likely this was a reflection of the times. The martini is a self-indulgent and carefree cocktail. Things like street riots, Agent Orange and assassinations tend to sober a nation. There's even a story out there that... more »

The Martini: A Somewhat Factual History

Round 4: The Martini Meets the Melting Pot
Article By: Mike Hamer
At no time in the martini's nearly 150-year history are its chameleon qualities more evident than they are today. Look around. The martini is ubiquitous. Lounges are in full vogue. Recipes exist by the jigger full. Fire up the search engine and you'll find a world filled with all things martini --... more »

The Mojito: It's All in the Muddler

Article By: Colleen Brondou
John F. Kennedy is famous for a lot of things, though perhaps only one of them involving cigars. Just before he extended the trade embargo against Cuba in 1962, he first arranged to purchase thousands of Cuban cigars for his own personal stash. Politics aside, the man had good taste. While we... more »

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